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How to Use Fancy.com to
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How to Use Fancy.com to Increase Sales and Traffic for Your Business

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How I used Fancy.com to Grow my own Business:

About a year ago, I started a new business and was having difficulty in both driving traffic to my website and in converting those visitors into paying customers. I had been trying all of the other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, with nothing but decent results at best.

When I discovered Fancy.com and learned that I could sell my products directly to this growing community of engaged users, I knew I had uncovered something incredible. By applying my background in Online Marketing, I was able to not only send high quality visitors to my website, but generate massive sales volumes right on Fancy in a matter of just weeks.

I spent months researching and developing various strategies and techniques using my own products, and I've discovered what truly works on Fancy.com. I developed a simple formula that'll help you optimize the content you put online, so you can increase your traffic and sell more of your products and services.

Fancifyd is an online training course for people who:

•  run a product or service based business and rely on finding high quality leads & clients online
•  are looking for the next new social network that's going unlock sales gains for your business
•  want a clearly defined game plan to selling products quickly & effectively on Fancy.com

If you want someone to show you a step-by-step guide to getting more clients and building a powerful online brand with the future of eCommerce, this training course is for you.

The Fancifyd Training Course:

Online training course to get Fancy.com working for your business.

The Fancifyd Training Course is a completely online training program. After you complete the payment, you will get exclusive access to all 5 Lesson Packs and you can go at your own pace.

This course is for you if...

• You are a product or service based business owner who's short on time and looking for a new way to increase your product sales.

• You are looking for a brand new social media network that'll allow you to drive high quality traffic to your website.

• You want someone to break down how to excel on Fancy.com step-by-step for you.

Here's what Fancifyd will teach you...

  • 1

    Fancy Basics and Developing Your Winning Strategy

    What is Fancy.com? Setting up your account the RIGHT way, don't make these simple mistakes. 3 Keys to a Winning Strategy, stay focused on your goals!

  • 2

    Why Every Business Needs to Be on Fancy

    How to reach and acquire new customers. Why you need to invest your time and resources on Fancy. Setting up a sale and pricing strategy. Why Fancy gives you a higher conversion rate than other social media networks.

  • 3

    The Winning Post

    The #1 Mistake most businesses make. Missed opportunities (details make all the difference in the world). Secrets to getting your post to go viral. How to convert a 'Fancy' into a sale. Examples and breakdowns of 3 unique and successful posts on Fancy.

  • 4

    Learn from the Best

    How I sold over 100 units of my product on Fancy in just 2 weeks. Access and in-depth breakdown to my web analytics and sales figures. How other Brands are successfully using Fancy to increase sales and traffic. Your 5-Step guide to turning Fancy into an income generating machine.

  • 5

    Creating a Powerful Brand and Generating Buzz

    Learn how to engage users and get your fans wanting to learn more: this is true BUZZ. Learn how to get leads signed up before your product even launches. How to get press coverage for your product. Learn effective online marketing strategies: tell a good story that entices users to click through and want to learn more.

You'll get Lifetime Access to Fancifyd so you'll always be able to access the course material and you can learn at your own pace. You'll also get Free Updates as Fancy changes and new features are introduced.

The future of your business is worth this investment...

Fancy is explicitly designed to make money and is an incredible tool for retailers.
Laurie Segall, CNN Money

I know what you may be thinking...

Is this really worth paying for? +

How much do you value your time? This course can save you months of time researching how to use Fancy for business. Time that you could be spending earning revenue and generating sales right now. Calculate how many sales you need to make for this course to pay off, and you’ll see it’s well worth it.

Is there anything in this course that I can't already find online? +

In today’s world, is there really anything that can’t be discovered online? That doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy to track down or even from a reputable source. That’s why this course is recognized as the premier authority on how to use Fancy for Business.

Will this work for my business? +

Yes. Whether you’re selling products or services online, Fancy can serve as an incredible tool for not only generating sales and new customers, but for building your brand on what’s soon to be one of the most valuable social media networks in the world.

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